Medical Bills

When it comes to your health, you can’t always wait to seek out medical care. Ultimately, this may mean doctor bills that you can’t afford. An Unsecured Personal Loan from City Finance can ease this worry. We can provide the cash at the time you need care, so you can address your health concerns as soon as possible.


Even though tax season comes around every year, it can still be difficult to prepare. If you owe the IRS more money than you can afford to pay, let City Finance help you through the burden. Instead of requesting an extension or paying late, get an Installment Loan from our Mineola office. This will help you pay your taxes on time.

Car and Home Repairs

Did your car break down at the worst possible time? Do you need to cover a costly furnace repair in the middle of winter? City Finance offers assistance during these unfortunate times. Your car and home are a big part of your daily routine; don’t wait to take care of urgent repairs. A small short-term Loan can help you resolve the problem immediately.

Extra Cash

If you need extra cash for any reason, even for non-emergency purposes, our financing is available. At City Finance, you can get a Personal Loan in Mineola with little hassle and an expedited timeline. Take that vacation that you keep putting off, or secure some spending cash when times are tough. It doesn’t matter why you need the money—you can get it fast at City Finance.
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Here at City Finance we are Licensed by the State of Texas. We are not one of those Payday or Car Title companies.

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